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By Richard Kane, the Original Richard Tuesday, 24 March 2015 

Things to Keep in Mind when it's Time for Office Painting

Having a fresh coat of paint can make your office seem cheerful and inviting, which in turn could increase productivity and sales. There are several things you should keep in mind when having office painting performed, and here are just a few we thought were worth mentioning.

Color Scheme

The colors you choose for your office should reflect your company, yet not be overly brilliant. The type of clientele you attract will largely determine your color scheme, as you’ll want different shades if you normally serve business professionals than you would if catering to teens.

Think about your brand or logo, and then try to use similar colors on your walls. If you’re afraid doing so might be too dramatic, you could elect to create accent walls or paint your trim different colors instead.

Compare Samples

It can be a good idea not only to compare color swatches, but to obtain a small sample of each shade so you can see how it might look on your walls before committing. Color samples are not always accurate, and might look completely different with various types of lighting. Your color choices help establish your image, which is why it is important to spend extra time deciding on them.


Scheduling your painting job should be done so as not to interfere with normal operations. Think about when your busiest times are so you can arrange to have painters come during your slowest periods. You may also want to have painting done at night or on days when you are normally closed. Here at Original Richard, we cater to business owners just like you, and will be happy to work around your schedule to make things easier for you. To find out more about our painting services, contact us.